Winter Prompts

Today is the beginning of a very winter snap for me. The ground is covered in ice, and I’m working from home to avoid the cold. I’m not a fan of the cold.

It was only a few days ago the east coast of the US also got covered in snow. Winter is definitely making itself known. And since it’s the winter solstice (for us in the northern hemisphere), I thought it would be great to celebrate our winter wonderland with a few prompts.

It is also a low impact post where we can forget about the world and just write a little bit, which I think we all need right about now.

Frosty berries provided by Galina N


  • Trying to get a small child bundled up for the winter cold
  • Remembering the old snow days we used to have as kids
  • Going for a walk with an s/o and starting a snow ball fight
  • Helping a kid build their first snow man
  • Moving from someplace warm and experiencing snow for the first time
  • Having romantic, cozy time by a fire while it snows gently outside

Word Collections

These are 3 to 5 word groupings to either inspire or to create a challenge of trying to fit all 3 to 5 words into your story.

  • Cold, Dark, Snow
  • Chocolate, Cookies, Warmth, Sweaters
  • Celebration, Family, Comfort
  • White, Flakes, Blizzard, Abundant

I plan on reflecting and writing some of these prompts myself, just to stay chill right before Christmas. My family is small and we plan on being together this Christmas (we are isolating and testing ourselves before going to make sure none of us will cause more spread). The holidays tend to be stressful for me the past few years, so it’s nice to take a break and write some short prompts.

I hope you all have a good holiday and enjoy some of these chilly days. Take it slow. It has been a long and stressful year. I hope these next few days are a break from stress.

Let me know what you’ve been doing during the holiday season or how your winter is going in the comments below. Do you have a lot of snow? Never seen snow? Or is your winter this year so different than years before? I’d love to know.

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