Take Care Of Yourself

I had planned on doing a different post today. I probably will still talk about what I wanted to on a later date but I thought it absurdly important to take a small break in our regularly scheduled programming for a life update.

More like a world update.

At this point everyone knows about Covid-19. Most of the world is now under a quarantine. I had just been on vacation so my quarantine officially starts today. I’m working from home and let me tell you the concept of that is weird as all hell. But I know I’m one of the lucky ones. I have a job. I can work from home. My life is different, but ultimately, not too difficult.

I do want to first say thank you to all the medical professionals, the grocery workers, the truck drivers, and anyone else that is still working and interacting with us daily. They are the ones making sure our world is still turning while everything else stops. It’s crazy what all these people have to go through everyday. You are at risk far more than me and I appreciate all the hard work you do.

Now that’s out of the way.

Ultimately, the focus of this blog and this post is writing. I know I’ve seen so many posts about how this is the perfect time to write and to work on your current WIP.

I want to take a moment to contradict almost everyone at this point. I believe you should write if you have the time and if it helps you during this quarantine. But for so many writing can be a bit stressful and with everything going on remember you’re allowed to just relax. You’re allowed to push things aside and take care of yourself first. Quarantine means you’re stuck with your own thoughts a lot and sometimes you need silly things to distract you. Writing might not be a distraction.

You might read. You might clean. You might play the new Animal Crossing (me to be honest).

You might write.

I will try to keep a schedule and routine during this. I will keep posting every week as long as I can. I will continue to write and be support to you all. If there are topics you want me to discuss while all this is going down I will try to tackle them. Because that might mean you have a few minutes of distraction from what’s happening.

Next week I will have the last of my book cover posts. After that I’ll talk about poetry month! And maybe talk a bit about my vacation (though Covid-19 made it strange). I’ll try to keep this blog as normal and familiar as possible.

And I thank you for sticking with me. Good luck to you all. I believe in you. You will be okay. And your book will be waiting for you when you can get back to it. Physically and mentally.

See you next week.

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