Summer Camp Word Crawl

It’s the last week of Camp NaNoWriMo and I know there’s a few of you out there freaking out because you haven’t reached your goal yet. Have no fear, I’m here to help. With a Summer Camp Word Crawl.

What’s a Word Crawl?

Penning from a similar real life activity (known as a pub crawl), it’s a collection of challenges to get you to write more. It usually follows a story or some sort of pattern. Some have rewards or consequences depending on how much you write, how fast, and the theme itself. Simply it’s a fun little word sprint that’s intention is to bump up those numbers.

You can learn more at the WikiWriMo and find some other word crawls you might be interested in.

I will be honestly. I never got into word crawls when I first started doing WriMo events. I got confused by some of the more in depth ones, but this one should be pretty simple. All you need is your work, and yourself!.

First Day of Summer Camp Word Crawl

The night before: Tomorrow is your first day of Summer Camp and you’ve procrastinated packing. 300 word sprint to get your bags packed.

The next morning: You oversleep and are about to miss the bus. Run to catch up by writing 750 words.

  • If it takes you less than an hour to write 750: You make it just in time. Lucky you! The bus is full of all your friends and the ride just flies by. Write 200 words.
  • If it takes you over an hour to write 750: Crap you missed the bus. Now you’re mom has to drive you all the way there. Write 1000 words out of embarrassment.

Cabin Assignments: You get assigned a cabin and realize your mortal enemy is your bunk mate. They want the top bunk even though they’re so much bigger than you. Write 450 words and try to convince them to give you the top bunk.

  • If you write 450 in less than half an hour: Success! They seem convinced that the bottom bunk is better. Write 200 words as you do a little happy dance.
  • If you write 450 words in more than half an hour: Oh no, when they get on the top bunk you swear you can hear the bed bend. These beds aren’t made for full grown adults! Write another 450 words, disappointingly.

Hiking: After leaving your stuff in the cabin, you decide to join your friends on an hour long hike. Write 1000 words as you make it up the mountain.

Break time: The hike takes forever but you make it to the top. You sit down and rest, enjoying a few sandwiches that your friend brought. They taste delicious. Write 150 words.

Person on Mountain provided by Alfred Aloushy.

Are We Lost: Your friend had a map but spilled water on it while enjoying their lunch. You decide to just head back the way you came but you aren’t sure which way you came. Write 300 words as you try to figure it all out.

Getting Late: You decide to head down what looks like a path, pushing through some undergrowth you don’t remember being there on the way up. It starts getting dark. Write another 300 words and pull out your flashlight you luckily remembered to pack!

Definitely Lost: All the trees look the same. You don’t even know if you’re going down or up the mountain. 200 words and probably panic!

Yep Gonna Panic: Write 25 words. Then panic. Write another 25 words and panic again. You don’t know what way you’re going!

Rustling in the distance: You can hear rustling in the distance. It’s getting closer. You grab your friend in panic. What if it’s a bear? Write another 100 very panicked words.

Who Are You: Is that…you shine your flashlight on whatever is coming out of the woods. It’s…your mortal enemy? What are they doing here? Write another less panicked and more confused 100 words.

Nerd: Your mortal enemy laughs at you and says they thought you’d get lost. You frown and say you aren’t lost. It’s a lie. They call you a nerd and wave for you to follow. Write 700 words as you make it down the mountain.

Camp Fire: Your mortal enemy…which I guess isn’t your mortal enemy anymore, weird, guides you to a camp fire where all the other campers are enjoying s’mores and telling spooky stories. Write another 300 as you join in.

Campfire provided by Mike Erskine.

I hope you got a couple of words in there with this little camp word crawl. And I hope you enjoyed the silly story that was told. You can create your own word crawls or participate in some you find online. Let me know your favorite so far in the comments below!

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