Spring Writing Prompts

This week will be the second week this year that the local temp will be above zero degrees Fahrenheit. Which means! It must be spring.

I’m a bit of a fuddy duddy with spring since for most of my life (also known as probably my entire life) spring hasn’t been really a season. I live where it’s cold for 8 months of the year and then hot for the other 4. We have spring for a few weeks and even then it still might snow in June.

Tragic, I know.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a prompt or two to celebrate the changing of seasons. I mean the Groundhog did say spring was on it’s way. We don’t want to be caught off guard.

As I stated in the Valentine’s Day prompt post, prompts are pretty straightforward. They are just ideas, phrases, and words that get the creative juices flowing. They can be used as part of a chapter in a novel, a whole spark of a new manuscript, or just a short little project to work on to warm up. Some are phrased as a question while others are just a string of words to be used in a piece.

So let’s get to it.

Flowers and computer provided by Alisa Anton


  • Flower shop owner helps others fall in love by floral arrangements
  • One character is a gardener, the other completely allergic to nature, but still in love
  • One character is a gardener, their mortal enemy is allergic to flowers, chaos ensues
  • A blind person asks your main character to describe a flower
  • Bridezilla goes ballistic over flower selection
  • Spring doesn’t seem to be coming this year. Fourth year in a row.
  • Letter to the Editor: I quit. None of you appreciate me anyway. Sincerely, Spring
  • Going back home after being gone for nearly a decade and seeing your mother planting in the garden

Word Collections

These are 3 to 5 word groupings to either inspire or to create a challenge of trying to fit all 3 to 5 words into your story.

  • Flowers, Bloom, Sun
  • Warm, Growth, Mud
  • Happiness, Grass, Garden, Weeds
  • Rain, Green, Overflow, Definitely
  • Weddings, Disgruntled, Allergies
  • Roses, Tulips, Rashes
  • Early, Flutter, Sunshine, Rest, White
  • New, Awaken, Tiny
  • Eyelashes, Rosebuds, Bouquet
  • Never, Listening, Garden, Mud
  • Dirt, Soaking, Lilacs
  • Easter, Family, Stumble

There should be some prompts you can be inspired by even if spring doesn’t seem to be coming as soon as you’d like.

Let me know in your comments if you used any, what sort of twists you took, and if you’d like to see more in the future. Plus, let us know some of your prompts as well.

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