Spring Break Prompts

I’ve never been more excited for 6 pm because it’s no longer dark as night. You can hear birds chirping. I haven’t worn a coat in three weeks. Of course, I’ve worn sweatshirts, but no coats! And no snow. Rain is on the horizon and I’m so excited.

I dislike winter (mostly because we tend to get snow in feet instead of a dusting) and spring is the first sign of things being nice and nights with friends around a camp fire. And with spring comes spring break for those in school. I loved spring break in college. It was usually the first time the weather was nice enough to go out and just enjoy it and that’s what I would do all spring break. You would only catch me inside if the weather turned south and snowed. That happened too many times for my liking.

To celebrate spring and spring break, here are a few writing prompts to get your creative juices flowing.

silhouette of people by the seashore
Photo by Bayu jefri on Pexels.com


  • Going on a camping trip to the beach with friends
  • Cross country trip to visit a long lost friend (one the MC had a crush on?)
  • Having to make the best of spring break being home with MC’s parents
  • A murder mystery at the lake house that MC and friends rented
  • A spring break musical but MC is confused why everyone is singing
  • Classic time travel story during a spring break party on the beach

Word Collections

These are 3 to 5 word groupings to either inspire or to create a challenge of trying to fit all 3 to 5 words into your story.

  • Beach, Sun, Travel, Storm
  • Music, Magic, Friendship, Dog
  • Adventure, Confusion, Bag, Dancing
  • Comfort, Listening, Lake, Party, Ghost
  • Situation, Drinking, Sand, Week, Small
  • Weekend, Smoking, Swimming, Lost
group of people having fun together under the sun
Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

I plan on sitting on the deck for this “spring break” and just enjoying the fresh air. I know in a few weeks I’m going to have surgery so being able to sit outside or have a walk outside is going to be so important to my health.

Spring break or not, I hope you enjoy this spring. It’s definitely a lot more promising than last spring. I’ll be fully vaccinated next week and I feel so excited for a semi-normal summer.

Let me know what you’ll be doing this spring break if you’re still in school or how you’ll be celebrating the nicer weather (especially those of you in the northern states in the US) in the comments below.

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