Some of my #Preptober Youtuber Faves

Welcome to October or better yet! Welcome to Preptober! This is the month long challenge of getting ready for NaNoWriMo. Us writers like to create so many challenges because that’s what forces us to write. At least that’s the truth for me.

Preptober can be an overwhelming month. I’ve spent weeks upon weeks trying to formulate my own take on Preptober but I still haven’t created the system I’d want to share with you. So instead I’ll share a few of the YouTubers I follow that talk about writing, Preptober, NaNoWriMo, and more. It’s important to diversify your writing world. It’ll make you a better writer and maybe a better prepper.

Kate Cavanaugh

Kate was one of the first “authortubers” I followed. She has lots of information on her own processes, creates her own challenges, and is super involved in her own community. She’s a great starter author to follow if you don’t follow anyone else on my list.

Keylin Rivers

I love Keylin. She’s always trying to bring the best new video that can help her viewers. She interviews other authors about worldbuilding, publishing, and more (giving you more than just her perspective). Like many other writing YouTubers, she also has livestreams and pop up writing sprints. Also she’s been fostering a wonderful writing community in her own right and is the reason I’ve found even more authortube, booktube, and writertube creators.


I have to bring up ADHDwriter because I relate to her so much! I have issues focusing and keeping up on my writing (how this blog staying alive I will never know). I think a lot of other writers will relate to her too and her being honest about her struggles might help those struggling too.


If you don’t know Brooke yet, you’re missing out. She’s full of great knowledge and her bubbly personality will definitely help you stay motivated. She does writing sprint live streams and talks a bit about how she’s getting ready for NaNo.


She’s a great YouTuber to follow if you want to stay productive! She has weekly productivity streams. She talks about her goals candidly and it definitely feels like talking to your own friend about writing.


I’ve followed WordNerds for a while now. They were one of the first virtual write-ins outside of NaNo that I watched. They did a NaNo Planning stream just yesterday, so keeping them in your YouTube subscriptions will be good if you need some moral support during your preptober.

BC Brown Books

She has some great videos on writing tips that are just great to know overall (not just while prepping). Once again she has live streams and pop-up write-ins that will help you stay on track (you might notice that’s a theme for my recommendations).

Sako Tumi

I love Sako. She has daily livestreams just to check in (important while writing). She’s cowriting a book with BC Brown Books and they livestream their process. She’s an artist in every sense of the word and she shows the various ways of storytelling that might inspire you to do even more (she’s also full of witchy goodness and positive vibes which I love).

Zara Hoffman

Zara has consistently streamed write-ins. She was apart of the Authortube Virtual Retreat (yes they had one and it was fantasitic). There are many informative videos that can help you in your writing journey (and Preptober). Plus, she’s super sweet. Her channel is small but I think she’s a super supportive writer and it’s nice to go to write-ins with small, cozy atmospheres.

Eve Daniels

Eve is tackling Grad School (in a foreign country) while still writing and streaming and I don’t know how she does it. She’s crazy inspiring and a great YouTuber to follow.

Marisa Mohi

Marisa does even more than just writing. She talks about writing as a business which is huge for a lot of us. We want to be authors right? And in the end being an author is also a business. She has a lot of great content from marketing to writing to running a business. I think she’s an important YouTuber to have in your subscriptions (and in your email inbox).

SAVY Writes Books

Another “authortuber” that does more than talk about writing is SAVY. She’s a woman on a mission. She’s going to help you create that small business you’ve always wanted, denounce all things mlm, and write a fun novel (or three). She’s an absolute blast (and let me just say she’s a great procrastination source since she has so many fun videos to watch).

A Few Others

And I still might have missed some (acutally I’m sure I have)! I follow so many authortuber, booktuber, writertuber (whatever they want to be called). I think it’s important to follow a variety of people that will show you different points of view and also get involved in the community! Comment, share, create your own video! I am working on being brave enough to create my own channel. Maybe when I hit 150 followers on here? Haha.

Let me know any YouTubers you follow or if you are one in the comments below. I’d love to check them out.

I hope you have a wonderful first week of October. Halloween is fast approaching and I have to be honestly, I’m super pumped. Halloween is one of my favorites.

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