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Romance Month Writing Prompts

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We’ve talked about romance books. We’ve talked about romance tropes. Now it’s time to put all those talks into action with a few writing prompts about/inspired by romance. It’s the month of love (and really hot weather–I’m mildly dying) so why don’t we take advantage of that before it’s over.

Prompts are simple. They are ideas, phrases, words, etc that will get you inspired. It’s also a great warm up to writing those long epics or even a jump start for a scene you’ve been having trouble with.

As always I have split them up in scenarios and word collections.


  • A date where you think everything went wrong but ultimately everything felt just right.
  • Recalling the worst date ever that still lead to the characters getting engaged/married/being together
  • Describe the perfect proposal for your main characters
  • Describe a proposal gone wrong
  • The best friend tries to sabotage the love interest’s proposal because they’re in love with your character
  • Love at first sight (Romeo and Juliet style)
  • Love at first sight but it’s only after the two characters complain about how love at first sight isn’t real
  • Fake dating! Fake dating! Fake dating!

Word Collections

These are 3 to 5 word groupings to either inspire or to create a challenge of trying to fit all 3 to 5 words into your story.

  • Love, read, red, glow
  • Hearts, laughter, romance, glitter, hug
  • Adventure, childhood, reunion, unforgettable
  • Second chances, magic, imagination, lifetime
  • Mistakes, forgiving, golden, happy
  • Summer, giggles, sunrise
  • Candies, lost, secrets, nostalgia
  • Wedding, awkward, flirtation, smiles
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I’ve been enjoying my summer romance reads, even though I had to take a quick break in the middle of the month for some freelance work. I’ve read more books this summer and August being all romance for me is just a perfect send off to summer.

I can’t wait for fall though.

Let me know in your comments if you used any, what sort of twists you took, and if these prompts have inspired more romance in your life. Plus, let me know any of your favorite romance reads. I’m still taking suggestions.

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