Revisiting my 2020 Resolutions

It’s been a rocky 6 months. I wanted to do something like this since June but I was still wrestling with job loss and just the general feel of 2020 so far. I always like to revisit my resolutions to better focus on ones that I’m not doing great on. But this year felt more like a requirement.

We’re in a completely different world than we were six months ago. January feels like a lifetime ago.

Since then a pandemic happened. I went to Vegas for the first time (while the pandemic was setting in). I lost my job and then changed my career. I’m still exhausted from everything going on.

So let’s look at the resolutions I had at the beginning of the year and see if I’ve been doing great or need to change some things.

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Concrete Goals

These are ones that have quantifying numbers and can be gauged by that number at the end of the year.

  • Post every Monday on this blog

I’ve been doing pretty well. I’ve messed up once or twice but overall I’ve posted every week. Sometimes the posts aren’t that great. Sometimes I’m frantically writing it right before work or the night before. I’ll have to focus on better posts in my next set of resolutions.

  • Create a Facebook for this blog

Man I’ve been absolutely crap at updating anything on the social media front for my blog. Ironically that’s exactly what I do for my work! So it’s crazy I can’t carry that on to this. But I still have until the end of the year. I’ll get on that.

  • Promote this blog on all my social media

So far it’s only on Twitter but I have until December to start pushing this blog.

  • Collab with people on this blog and other platforms

I have done this! And will do more in August! Be on the look for those posts. And if you’re a writer/blog owner, shoot me a message! I’d love to work with you.

  • Complete a first draft of a novel

I…I am not getting far with this. But I’ll keep pushing.

  • Start up photography again

With the pandemic, this has been absurdly hard. I might have to push this to next year or when things settle down a bit more in life.

  • Pay off my credit card bills

I haven’t gotten all of them paid off, but each month I whittle it down. Probably won’t be done until 2021, but I’m proud of how far I’ve gotten.

  • Double my savings.

So I am a little behind on this. When I went on unemployment I tried to keep saving, but I focused more on dropping down my credit card debt. I figured that would help me more in the long run in my specific situation since I had a few months of savings to work with otherwise. (I was also hopeful I would find another job before things got too serious).

I think overall I’m doing okay even with everything going on and I still have 5ish months left to keep pushing towards this goal!

Vague Goals

  • Stay organized

I’ve organized the house even more. I’ve tried to organize a budget but honestly don’t have the patience to sit down and fill it in every day. So I think I’m doing well with organization otherwise. I keep the house clean as well. So I am happy with where I’m at right now.

  • Eat healthier

I have been eating trash! Pandemic has ruined all of my progress with me just eating whatever makes me happy. But honestly, that’s okay. It’s not the end of the world to eat something that feels nice.

  • Exercise more

This has been off and on. I think if I get to 3 days a week as standard by the end of the year I’ll be happy.

  • Save more money

Honestly, I think I’ve been doing well. I’ve equal parts paid things down and saved. It’s not a lot but I’m still saving!

So I could be doing better in these goals, but I’m happy with where I am especially with everything that’s been happening. I will probably add in that I need to have a sit down and figure out where I want this blog to go in the next year and also get a Youtube channel set up. I’m thinking of doing a author/booktube.

Let me know your feelings on that and also what resolutions have been a breeze for you and which have been more difficult! It’s okay to struggle and it’s okay if you’re going to write off every resolution you’ve made this year. It’s been a rough one.

Either way, I hope you stay safe and healthy. Keep writing and keep surviving. We’ll get through this!

3 thoughts on “Revisiting my 2020 Resolutions

  1. PM says:

    I’m impressed with how thoroughly you broke down your goals! I’m so sorry to hear about your job loss as well. I hope you’re satisfied in your new career 🙂 Also would be interested in collabing if you would like to complete that resolution 💕

    • awriterbee says:

      Thank you. It’s been a crazy year for everyone it seems. Oh definitely! I’ll shoot you an email soon! (I’m also sorry for the delay. WordPress likes to hide my comments for some reason).

      • PM says:

        That’s alright! It does the same for me 🙂 I got your email and it was lovely, thanks v much! I’ll reply later today

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