#Preptober: Navigating a Different NaNo

This year is definitely different than the rest. If you’ve done NaNoWriMo in the past, you’ve probably participated in write ins in various book stores, libraries, and maybe in some friends homes.

This year it’s not something that can be done. The official NaNoWriMo has cancelled all in person write ins (which is completely understandable). Which can be absolutely terrible for some people who need that extra motivation to get their 50K in one month.

So here are some tips to help navigate a different type of NaNo.

Create a Writing Space

Make sure to create a space you can write in. This might not be the easiest for a lot of people with small apartments or those who don’t have an office, but if you can create a nice space for you to write, it can help you stay focused on your work. It’s the same concept of separating where you work and sleep. It will help your brain turn on (for writing) and turn back off when you leave (or go to sleep because those precious sleeping hours are important).

Go Outside When You Can

It’s not possible everywhere. I mean I’ll personally be in below freezing temperatures this November, but it’s important to get outside when you can. Clear your mind and take a walk in your neighborhood. It will keep you from feeling boxed in during this indoor NaNo…same with everything else that’s happening. I try to get out for a bit just to breathe fresh air and reset.

Take Advantage of Virtual Sprints

NaNoWriMo and various Authortubers will be doing virtual sprints (probably almost daily). You’ll be able to fit them in whenever you’re available and you can even watch replays afterwards. Take advantage of how timeless these sprints can be which means if your best writing time is 3 am, you’ll still have sprints to get words down.

Also check out my previous post about Authortubers that might jump start your NaNo mojo.

Join Your Region’s Online Groups

A lot of regions are now doing discords or Facebook groups to keep in contact. Join the conversation and interact. Most years, you’d be able to talk to them in person but this year is going to be the exception. Make posts, find writing buddies, and stay connected with those in your region. It’ll help you stay focused.

Skype Your Writer Buddy

Skype, Zoom, Discord, whatever you find the easiest with, use to communicate with your writing buddy. I have a friend I usually do NaNo with. We meet up once a week to hit our goals. This year we can’t do that. It’s not safe in my state to meet up that frequently, so we’re meeting over Skype to keep each other accountable.

Don’t Push Yourself Too Much

In the end, this NaNo might be harder than any ones we’ve taken part in before. There is a global pandemic. People are tight on cash. People are worried about families and jobs and a thousand other things. If you don’t make the 50K or figure out that half way through you can’t do it, it’s fine. You are trying your best. It’s okay. I’m proud of everything you’ve tried.

But let me know tricks you’ll be doing this November to make it the best NaNo for you in the comments below. I’ll be trying everything above.

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