Platonic Love Prompts

This past weekend was full of romance…or at least the concept of romance. For me Valentine’s Day was a nice dinner, a movie on netflix, and going to bed early because we’re secretly elderly.

But I think this week it’s important to remember those we love in our lives platonically. We have friends, families, and a pet or two that we just can’t think of life without. So your characters must have that too. Not everything is about romantic love so why write o my about that?

Here are some prompts for you this week.

Row of friends by ocean provided by Duy Pham


  • Friends celebrating a birthday by going camping
  • Meeting up with old classmates during a school reunion and remembering all that you did together
  • Getting a new puppy
  • Celebrating your parents’ anniversary with all your close family
  • Moving away for the first time and missing all you love


These are 3 to 5 word groupings to either inspire or to create a challenge of trying to fit all 3 to 5 words into your story.

  • Friendship, bracelets, home
  • Adventure, childhood, family, summer
  • Magic, imagination, dog, introspection
  • Get-togethers, nostalgia, letters
  • Sibling, Golden, Sunrise, Coffee, Happy

Friendships, family, and found families are just as important as romantic love (if not more important). I know there are those out there that don’t feel romantic love so these prompts are for you.

Let me know in the comments your favorite moment with family or how you and your best friend met. Those connections are the best and make me feel just wonderful.

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