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Personal Post: Sorry to Interrupt, But It’s Been Three Years!

I’m interrupting your regularly scheduled book and writing posts with a life update. One, as you’re reading this, I’ll probably be in surgery or recovering from surgery. So please send me your best vibes for recovery. Two, I’ve been with my boyfriend for three whole years.

It feels crazy. We went from long distance in 2018-2019 to being in each others’ bubbles 24/7 during the pandemic. I have had a few ups and downs personally the past year. From being head hunted for a new job, to being laid off, to finding a great job again, and then getting hurt. And through all of that, he was there supporting me which I will forever be grateful.

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Not only does the beginning of May mark 3 years together (and my sister’s birthday), but the next steps for me. I’ll be recovering from surgery. I’ll (hopefully) no longer be in pain. I’ll be growing this blog, growing side projects, and hopefully getting back into writing.

Looking back on last year’s post, it’s so weird to see how much has changed completely. I was prepping for a whole different future and still had the job that headhunted me. The pandemic completely changed things. I genuinely worried about be with my boyfriend 24/7, but we made it through.

I can’t wait to get out of this slump and get back into working towards my goals. I think it’s important to know that people fall down and get back up. Our goals aren’t always in a straightline.

For May, I plan on reading a ton of Asian authors and novels, publish this blog’s first newsletter (so don’t forget to subscribe), and get back to writing a novel. I want to get a novel finished this year so next year I can explore the world of publishing and get feedback to all of you. I want to be a source of information as best I can be.

This post is short because it’s just me celebrating my love and also prepping for surgery. I’m nervous but hopeful and I’ll see you next week! Or this weekend if you’re a subscriber to the newsletter!

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