Personal Post: Birthday Month, Turning 28, Life Update

I’ve been putting this off all month. It’s been a weird time for me and I’ve spoken about it once or twice on this blog. I’m sure you’ve also had an extremely weird time too.

And I did want to talk about my birth month. I turn 28 in June. I am usually the person who jokes that I’m going to celebrate my entire birth month…but this year…

The whole month felt off.

I was laid off. I was scared. I accidentally hurt myself and spent days wondering what I’d do (I’m fine now by the way). Someone stole my credit card. I was anxious. I was annoying my boyfriend. June was no longer a good month for me.

But I write this now, the last Sunday in June, drinking tea and watching my cat go nuts over the birds outside, in a better place than I was at the beginning of the month. I found a job, which I’ll start tomorrow (which means as you read this I’ll be working away at my new job). I realized I had been undervalued even at the place that headhunted me. I realized who my friends were (and ultimately I’ve finally come to terms with cutting out some people who aren’t good for me).

I even got a haircut yesterday so I feel like a whole new person.

My 27th year of life was nothing like I thought it would be. It was crazy and weird and full of so many more emotions than I thought I would have.

But in the last month, I think I’ve learned a lot more about myself and who I am. I’ve learned to value what I’m worth. I’ve learned that true friends will listen to your problems and not be annoyed by them. I’ve learned to love books and writing again (I know, crazy since I’ve been posting every week on here…things still felt dull).

I look forward to the next year of writing, working, and making the world a better place…even with everything going on. I even convinced a friend of mine to do July Camp NaNo with me.

As my phone screen background says “One Day at a Time.” One positive turn at a time. Each day can be and will be better than the last.

Now to get back to the gym more!

Let me any good things that have happened to you this month. Or goals you want to keep focused on in the comments below. I look forward to reading them.

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