Pacing Your NaNoWriMo

It’s already day two of NaNo and I’m behind! I took yesterday to recover from a long and tiring week. This week should be just as long and as tiring.

So what does that mean for NaNo? I’m going to have to learn to pace my writing even better.

The standard pace for 50K words in a month is 1667 words a day, but sometimes you aren’t able to write the standard amount of words a day during the month. How do you get to 50K when there are full on days you can’t work? Are you worried you’re behind already because, like me, you didn’t write last weekend?

It’s okay!

Plan for Days Off

There are multiple ways to plan out your NaNo adventure. You can do the standard 1667 words a day, but as I’ve stated, you can fall behind quickly or you might have other commitments. If you plan to safely have Thanksgiving in the US and you’re the host, you might lose a few very important days at the end of the month.

This is were some planning comes in. No matter if you’re actually a planner or a pantser, planning which days you are NOT going to write can make a huge difference. Maybe you’ll take two days off for Thanksgiving. Or maybe you plan to take the weekends off. Break down 50K on the remaining writing days and calculate how much you need to write each day with that new calendar.

Work Ahead When You Can

There are some days where you can crank out 5K words and those days will help you stay on top of NaNo. If you have the energy (or the brainpower) to overload your writing days, especially in the beginning, adding more than 1667 words each day will help during the days you can’t write.

There are techniques of having overloaded days at the beginning of the month. Spending the first week writing nearly 5K a day. If you can handle that, you’ll have 35K before you hit the second week! I am definitely not one of those people, but I do try to crank out some 5K days to make up for my other days.

Forgive Yourself

Even with tons of planning and dedication, you might miss days. You might fall short of your plan. That’s okay. I say that every year is a chance to put down more words. Even if you write a thousand words, that’s a thousand more than you had at the start of NaNo, but this year is even crazier than normal. Forgive yourself if you don’t have the mental health to complete NaNo. Forgive yourself if life gets in the way. NaNo should be fun and an adventure in writing.

Good luck with writing! I’ll buckle down tonight and double up my word count (hopefully). Remember to check out the NaNoWriMo resources that can make writing more fun or a little bit easier.

Let me know what your goal is this month in the comments below. Is it the standard 50k? Are you ahead or behind? What’s your biggest challenge right now?

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