Ode to the Local Library

The month of September is Library Card Sign Up Month which I think is fitting. September is when so many schools start. People get back to learning. People get back to reading. (I mean I read all summer long but some people don’t.)

I wasn’t always the lover of the local library. When I read books as a kid, I stuck to the school library or asked for books for every gift giving holiday.

I can say, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown to love the local community libraries more and more.

It started when I created ads for the summer reading program put on by my local library. I got to know the workers. I got to know the people that put on so many events for kids in the community. The local library really cares about their readers.

And then I moved, and got to see old friends of mine who had become librarians. They found joy in helping people find new reads. They would recommend new books for me. They helped me get my library card when my address was still confusing.

Woman holding up book in full library provided by Daniel

Librarians and libraries are a gift. They are both full of knowledge. And all of it is free (in most cases). It’s a thousand times cheaper than Barnes and Noble. You get so many different books to choose from. It’s like Christmas every month. I don’t have to wait for someone to buy me a book (or waste money on a bad book).

So this September, get yourself a library card. Enjoy your local library. Enjoy physical books, ebooks, and even audiobooks – all at your fingertips.

And support your local libraries any way you can. Sometimes they are the only location for someone to type up their resume or learn a new skill. They are a lifeline for your community – from young to old. Even during these uncertain times, libraries are still trying to get people a little escape with the books they love.

If you’re a writer or a reader, the library should always be a part of your world. It definitely is for me. In fact, I just checked out the audiobook for my book club this month. I hope it’s a good one.

Please share your happy memories with libraries below, or even your favorite read so people can get their library cards and check them out themselves.

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