National Romance Novel Month

August marks National Romance Novel Month and honestly with how the year is going, many people need a little light hearted pick me up right about now.

I have to be honest, when I was younger, I wasn’t a fan of romance. I thought it was silly. Being an ace didn’t help much. I wasn’t mch of a romantic. I did like a romantic movie or two or a story with a bit of romance, but romance novels were too much.

I couldn’t handle the story being only romance. The plots were over done. The tropes made my eyes roll.

Two hands making a heart in front of the setting sun provided by Mayur Gala.

And then I tried my hand at writing a romance. I’ve done this a few times in my life. I’ve done poetry even though I’m dreadful at it, just to get a better feel for it and a better understanding. So I thought I’d do the same with romance. No better way to learn why others love it than to emerse yourself into it thoroughly.

And I learned those cliches can be fun. The tropes can be spun on their head, but at the end of the day a romance novel is a story about two people who end up happy. The happy ending stuck out to me. I realized why I hated romance. It wasn’t because I was against love and romance. I was being angsty and against happy endings.

It was that time every writer hits. Happy endings are cliche. Love is cliche. Must be dark and brooding and Edgar Allen Poe.

But life is messy and already full of dark twists. 2020 is definitely proof of that. Sometimes you need something soft and, though sometimes tense, will always end happy.

We could always use a little more happy in our lives. Romance is sometimes the fastest answer to that. A romance novel can take you to a different, less stressful place for just a few minutes.

So let’s honor National Romance Novel Month by enjoying those sweet little love stories that make our days a bit brighter.

This month we’ll talk all things Romance and have a guest post from Paperback Romance Book Club once again…because who else would be the best person to talk romance?

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite romance is. Be it a novel, a movie, or your own love.

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