National Poetry Month

This month, the wonderful month of April, is National Poetry Month! I have to be honest. Poetry isn’t my favorite method of story telling. I might have been burned by the years of AP English where poetry wasn’t fun and required hours of analysis to understand what’s happening.

But after years of reading on my own without any pressures from school, I’ve learned poetry isn’t always like that. Poetry can be straightforward. It can be fun. It can be personal and relevant to now. Especially slam poetry or spoken word. Both are still forms of poetry.

The long and short of poetry is exactly that. It tends to be a shorter version of a longer story set in short snippets of lines, some unfinished. Some lines even rhyme. You’ve run into poetry most of your life. Dr. Seuss was technically a poet. He wrote most of those childhood stories we love so much in anapestic tetrameter (right poetry is intense).

Shakespeare was poetry. Poetry I couldn’t fit the timing of to save my life. Iambic pentameter is my mortal enemy and I’m fine with that.

Classics like the Iliad and the Odyssey? 100% poems. Long ones, but poems nonetheless. So poetry could be a perfect way to put your story out there. In short little snippets like Haikus or epics like the Iliad.

Poem by Brianna Wiest provided by Thought Catalog

I recommend injecting a little poetry into your life this month. Even if that means just reading more Dr. Seuss to your kids. Digitally downloading a poetry novel from your local library. Or just plainly following Button Poetry on their social media. Even though I’m not a huge fan of poetry, I do love when the author gets a chance to express it to me and Button Poetry has videos nearly daily of their authors on stage, speaking their piece. It’s inspiring.

Let me know in the comments below if you’re a poet and didn’t even know it! Or if you’ve been one for years. Let me know if it’s your favorite platform and why. Tips for those who’ve never done it. Or if you’re going to try poetry for the first time this month.

I look forward to seeing all of it.

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