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NaNoWriMo 2021 Plans

I write this on a very crisp November 2nd morning. Work starts in 20 minutes and I’m squeezing this in, knowing I’ve written zero words so far for NaNo.

The point of this year isn’t the word count (though I would love to cross that 50K finish line), but to make progress. I’m not going to beat myself up over days missed or words not written. This year I want to lay the foundation for a few projects.

The Projects

This year I’m a rebel. I’m not sticking to just one story or one idea. I’m writing multiple things. Why? Because focus for me lately has been terrible and I’d rather have the foundation of a few projects I can push into next year than nothing at all.

So I’m working on the following:

  • Digital Marketing Workbook

I have been talking about this for months now (probably over a year) but I just can’t put pen to paper and get it done. This month I am going to just free write the information I know and worry about shaking it out later.

  • A Romantic Comedy

I normally try to write a fantasy novel during this month, but I have been kicking around an idea for a romantic comedy since I started therapy last year. It would explore familial relationships in a gentle way which I think is why I have been thinking about it since starting therapy…family is a huge topic. I just want to write out scenes or even just write a zero outline style draft.

  • A Blog Series

I have a whole list of post ideas for this blog and one of them is writing a series of posts to help with character development. I want those to be more in depth than the normal post (and definitely not written the morning of like this one). So I will spend the month dropping some words down in hopes to get closer to having those posts finished.

  • A Character Workbook

Along with the blog posts, I want to create a workbook that can help people flesh out their characters more. I know creating characters can be one of the hardest parts of the story, yet it’s my favorite part. I love character driven novels more than anything else. Combined with the posts, this will be a great project for me.

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The Goal

I will be keeping track of words but that’s not my main focus. This year I want to have a great outline or skeleton to these projects. So when I look at them again in the new year, I won’t feel overwhelmed. I’ll have something to work with and that means I might actually finish a project in 2022.

So, work is about to start for me, but I’m still excited for this year’s NaNo. Let me know what your goals are this NaNo in the comments below. Are you skipping this year? Are you doing something different? I’d love to hear from you.

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