#NaNoRebel: Habits

One of my worst habits is that I can’t keep habits. I have to be honest, even though I’m not always proud of what I’ve posted on this site, me posting every week is the most consistent, habit-forming thing I’ve done in years.

And 2020 didn’t make habit forming that much easier. Trust me, I told myself when I got laid off months ago I would transform myself. I ended up playing a lot of sims. Now that I’ve gotten a new job that I love (but drains me creatively a lot of days), playing a lot of sims is probably my second most consistent habit.

But I wanted to do NaNoWriMo which is a lot of writing in a short amount of time. I’ve not been good this year with writing. You may have noticed with my other posts being a bit :/ with writing. Between a job that requires me to write all day, a pandemic, familial stresses, and my bi-annual sinus infection, creating the NaNo writing habit has been difficult.

So instead of trying to reach 50K, I’ve become the truest version of a NaNoRebel. I’m using November as a time to create a writing habit. I’ve moved to write every day, even if it’s just a few words. I’m also not recording them with NaNo.

I, normally, love the charts and stats. Hell, I even started to do half-a-milwordy (which I need to modify after this month), but I’ve fallen behind in creating a habit which is the most important part for me.

I’ve spent this month so far joining word sprints and talking to friends about writing. I’ve donated to NaNoWriMo and bought sweet swag, but I’ve decided to stay off the website otherwise and just force myself to write.

Every day. I will write.

I know this seems like a strange post. How I both love NaNo and am not using it to my advantage. But sometimes you need to take a step back, and make sure to form the habit first. It’ll make next year’s NaNo a breeze.

And on that note, I remind you to back up your work. I usually keep my work in two to three different places.

Let me know in the comments below how you’re handling NaNo, if you’re participating in the traditional sense or not, and what you’ve learned about your writing this year. I’d love to hear from you.

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