NaNo 2019 Review

Hi. You still alive out there? Can you still feel your fingers or are they too cramped up? I get it.

50K is a lot in one month. So did you make it? Did you write more than you expected or less? Are you happy? Or are you disappointed?

There seems to be only two camps at the end of NaNo: those who made it, and those who did not.

I am in the second camp.

Burning book provided by Fred Kearney

I feel like a broken record. This year has been a terrible year for writing. Every time I joined a word count challenge, I came out the other side with very little written. This time was no different.

I spent hours and hours and hours planning. I made maps. I wrote character bios. And when it came to writing it. I clocked in only 8,396 words. I hated the voice. I hated that the first chapter already was off the rails. I hated that I planned for so long. It felt like an itchy sweater and I just couldn’t do it.

I failed.


At this point, I feel like I need to apologize to those of you who actually follow me here. I keep touting these ideas and how to write better, but I have no novel or finished manuscript to show for it. I write every day for work, but I can’t show you any of that.

This year…was a dud.

I know thousands of other writers feel the same way right now. All of them had put their heart into this month and came up empty.

It sucks. A lot.

But saying that made me realize, there are people out there that aren’t even where I am. They didn’t even write the 8k, or they wrote even less because they were afraid.

So, I vow to myself, and to my readers, that next year I’ll fail bigger. I can’t promise a successful 85k in 90 days or a 50k champion during Camp NaNo, but I can promise I can fail bigger. I’ll try new techniques. I’ll put myself into a writing corner and damn well write myself out. To show you how not to write along with how to write better. Every failure brings you closer to success.

Now to just keep that mindset for when I do finish a manuscript and try to get it published.

The rejection letters are going to kill me.

I hope you did better than me at NaNo, but if you didn’t, remember you aren’t alone. Let me know in the comments below where you stand with NaNo. Let me know your biggest writing fears. Together we’ll work through them.

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