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July Camp NaNoWriMo Plans

It’s already a week into July Camp NaNo and I have accomplished nothing.

My goals this month are more quiet and relaxed. Every NaNo I try to push myself to do big plans. I even tried to do the 80K in 90 Days. I’ve tried to do Millwordy. But 2021, specifically, it’s been a year of me not finishing writing challenges. I’ve been hit with a lot of hard moments (and I thought 2020 was a bad year).

So instead of trying to push myself even farther, I’ve decided to listen to my body and what 2021 is telling me. I need to rest and slow down. But I still want to write, so I still have goals for July NaNo…even if I haven’t done much so far.

My Goals

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Get ahead in blog posts

I have a bad habit of writing blog posts the same week I post them. This has caused issues where it’s midnight on a Monday night and I’m trying to give you a great post. A lot of my posts don’t need to be week of, so this month I am attempting to get ahead of my posting schedule (and hopefully WordPress will actually post on time).

Read and review books

I have been also trying to get ahead of my Goodreads challenge (which I fell behind on in the beginning of the year). I also want to try out new ways to review books. I love the way I reviewed books for the #asianreadathon because they were short and sweet and just freeform. I want to find the best way for me to review books that not only I love but you, as the reader, love too.

Outline first marketing workbook

I have been working on getting a marketing workbook for small business owners/writers created. I know how hard it is to do marketing and since it’s my background, I want to help fellow writers and business owners. I’m still struggling on how to set it up, but I want to work on it this month.

Outline possible romance novel

Over the past few months, I’ve been brewing a new story idea and I need to get it down to see if it’s even viable. I’ll be working on that along with the workbook.

Try new writing sprint challenges

I’ve been following a few booktubers/authortubers that have tried new challenges for reading and writing sprints. I want to try some of them and see if they are worth doing (for myself). It’s pretty straightforward. I’m still trying to find the best way to write for myself and trying out new sprints, etc, during NaNo is the perfect way to figure that out.

My goals are simple and vague this month. July is a month of community and bettering myself, but at a speed my body will let me right now. There are plenty of people working on goals as well this month, so do take advantage of the events, sprints, and community to work on your writing goals.

Let me know in the comments below, your goals this July. Are you participating in NaNo? Are you waiting until November? I’d love to hear from you.

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