Judging a Book By It’s Cover Part 3: Why It’s Important to Get a Professional Designer

I might be biased. Mostly because I am, in theory, a Professional Designer. I’ve worked with both video and graphic design for over a decade so it’s hard not to think design as something important. So when you’re thinking about publishing your own novel (specifically self-published), I believe it’s important to invest in a good designer.

I know it’s an extra cost. I know so many people in my writing groups that just say “make it in Canva.” People use their own personal covers they’ve created for putting their work out there. I understand having one to inspire you but there are a few reasons to get a professional designer.

Copyright Issues

The biggest thing professional designers can help you get around is copyright issues when it comes to selling your novel. The cover images must be copyright free or within your right to sell the product or your book could be pulled immediately and you could owe the image owner money.

Creative Eye

Designers have a specific creative eye for design. That’s why they’re designers! They’ve created multiple covers or images with complimentary colors and pleasing designs. They can make your cover beautiful and fit your story wonderfully. They know how to put the title on the cover. What fonts to use to make things pop. You have the creative eye for words. They have it for design.

Years of Experience

Designers have a background in creating these images. They know what looks good. They know what the market needs. They know what will catch a reader’s eye. They’ve practiced design like you’ve practiced with writing. They’ve been through the rough drafts. They’ve made it to the point of making you a wonderful cover that will make a reader pick your book up.

These are just a few things that make a designer valuable to you. Just like an editor, they add more to your story. I understand saving money. I do believe it’s important to shop around if you’re going to self-publish and need a cover, but also know that a cover is an investment.

Use canva or your own covers while writing an as inspiration, then invest in a cover.

Let me know what places you’ve gotten covers from or what your favorite covers are in the comments below.

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