Judging a Book By It’s Cover Part 2: A Few of My Favorite Covers

This is definitely not a comprehensive list and I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten one or two or a thousand. I stuck to just the ones I’ve read otherwise we’d be here all day. But here are a few of my favorite book covers. They are in no particular order.

1) Cinder

I loved this series and the only reason I picked it up was because of the cover. It’s got sharp distinct colors. A large, simple title. And the image makes you go “what’s happening?” It forced me to pick it up and I’m a bit of a sucker for fairy tale retellings so I definitely had to grab it. It also has a bit of a Twilight throwback which pulls in YA readers quickly looking for a fun adventure with romance (definitely a better written story with Cinder but it’s probably why the cover choice was done in the first place).

The rest of the covers also pull that same unique style off very well. I will say as beautiful as the new covers are, it probably would not have encouraged me to pick it up. There’s too much going on. It looks like a book I wouldn’t read.

2) Winterwoods

This book wasn’t great, but the cover sold me. Especially on the hardcover where it had an alternative blue and white. I am a huge fan of covers where the title takes center stage. It keeps an air of mystery while just always looking so damn pretty.

3)The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

This book caught my eye on the shelf (well the Amazon kindle shelf) because of the simplicity. The beautiful green dress and simple title display are honestly my aesthetic. Sometimes you have to let the title itself take state and give only hints of what’s to come.

4) Caraval

I ultimately didn’t like this book, but I’m still a sucker for a title centric cover. Any time you can get me excited with just the title it’s just the best. I was so disappointed that I didn’t like this book because the cover was a shoe in. The contrast of colors. It’s vibrant and mysterious…I wish the rest of the book made me feel the same way.

5) The Paper Magician

Besides title covers, I have always been a sucker for 2D art. Ever since college and my 2D design class. I love a good contrast with a flat and stark design…with a little pop of color. The cover showed the time period and a bit of the genre. It gave a hint at the story and I definitely wanted to pick this book up immediately without ever knowing the summary.

Those are just a few covers I’ve liked in the recent years. Let me know in the comments below a few of your faves.

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