How I Rediscovered Reading (Audiobook Appreciation Month)

I have always been an avid reader. As a child I would hole up in the corner of my room with a stack of books and I would spend the entire day reading. I was forced to go outside by my mom multiple times and I would always bring a book.

I even brought books to the dentist.

Reading was a fundamental part of my existence, but as I got older the harder it was to read in my free time. I gained new hobbies. I spent time working on new skills. I really got into video games. I spent an hour at the gym and an hour driving home from work every day.

Reading was still important to me, but so was a hundred other things. My life was full and taking the time to sit down and read dozens of paperback novels weren’t in the cards.

Enter audiobooks. I scoffed at them at first. Part of me didn’t believe it was really reading a book. How could I call myself a reader if I didn’t…actually read. But then one ebook on Amazon came with a discounted audiobook and I said sure. Why not?

Woman listening to something on headphones provided by Siddharth Bhogra

At this point, I was in a long distance relationship that required me to drive 4 hours to see him. I was going to the gym every day (wish I still did that) for 45 minutes and music was just getting repetitive.

I finished that book in a day. It filled all my silent moments. Gym, commute, editing, cleaning, cooking. Any moment that my hands were busy but my mind wasn’t fully engaged (minus driving of course), my head was filled with the magic of an audiobook.

And the cost for audiobooks has gone down greatly! Subscription services like scribd cost about the same as Netflix (even a little less) and your local library let’s you check out audiobooks on Hoopla and Libby. I’m almost never without an audiobook I can delve into while doing something. Or just when I want to enjoy the space around me and a book. It definitely beats trying to read a screen in the sun or trying to keep pages from flying open in the wind.

Now don’t get me wrong. I still love a good old fashioned book. In fact I prefer them when my boyfriend is driving us on a trip or on a plane, but audiobooks rekindled my love for reading. It’s helped me read books I’d never finish in my day to day life.

And sometimes the narrator makes the book ten times more enjoyable.

If you haven’t tried Scribd, I totally recommend it. In fact, if you use my referral link you’ll get 60 days free (and I’ll get 30 days free). It’s a win/win. They are not a sponsor or an affiliate. It’s a standard referral link. You’ll get one too when you join.

Tell me in the comments below, what your favorite audiobook is. Do the narrators influence you? Do you prefer them over standard books? Let me know!

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