Happy Short Story Month

Welcome to the 5th month of the year! I know things have been a bit messy this year, but I’m going to try to keep things as normal as possible for all us writers out there. (Even though this is late because of how weird my schedule is this week! Sorry everyone!)

So this month, the month of May, is Short Story Month! From my research, it looks like this year would be the 12th year that many writers have celebrated May as a month of short stories. It came into existence because Dan Wickett loved celebrating National Poetry Month (which is April) and wondered why there wasn’t something for short stories.

And I think that’s brilliant! I love reading short stories. They’re fun and bite sized. There’s many books out there full of short themed stories that are a breeze to read.

Short stories have the beginning, middle, and end of a normal story but condensed down into bite sized tales. Think about kids’ tv shows. They are short and go through the whole conflict in 15 to 30 minutes. That’s the same thing for a short story.

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They are also a great warm up (especially if you’re like me and don’t really like writing poetry as a whole). They force you to get through your conflict quickly and concisely.

I recommend writing short stories when you’re trying new techniques and styles of writing. It means less commitment, but shows the full reach of any technique you’re trying. Plus, when you’re done you have a fully fleshed out story–a tangible product of what you’ve done.

Below are two short story concepts for you to start with. Try to stick below 10K words.

  • Meeting your new dorm mate and finding out it was an old friend/an old lover/an old enemy from years ago.
  • Finding a mystical creature on a camping trip and trying to hide it from your parents/friends and get it back to its mother/back home with you.

Or find a picture online and write a short story to that. Take the time this month to explore short stories. It’ll be a fun addition to your writing repertoire.

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