Halloween Prompts

I’ve mentioned before that Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. Here in the northern Midwest, we end up getting snow and very chilly temperatures but I still enjoy the spooky atmosphere. One of my favorite movies is Hocus Pocus (I named my first cat after the cat in the movie) and I love all the creativity when it comes to costumes.

I love Halloween even if I’m not a fan of horror. I like the witchy, surreal vibe the time gives, and this year was supposed to be a super fun one. We have Halloween on a Saturday, with an extra hour from daylight savings, and a blue full moon.

But pandemic….

I’m in a state with a lot of cases. I’m really upset about how we’ve handled the whole affair up to this point (and am a proponent of masks). So this year is a “stay at home” type of Halloween.

My sister and I are going to watch our favorite movies and put a puzzle together and play scary games. Better than last year at least where I did nothing.

So if you’re like me and on the brink of NaNoWriMo with no where fun to go for Halloween, take a look at the prompts below and make your own festive time. Plus it’s a great warm up for NaNo.

Jack O’lantern provided by Łukasz Nieścioruk


  • Taking the dog out for a walk in the spooky evening with a haunting in the neighborhood
  • Carving pumpkins with friends
  • Visiting a haunted house and realizing it might be legitimately haunted
  • Being young and going trick or treating and daring your friends to ring the bell of the scary house
  • Going to a pumpkin patch and getting lost in the corn maze and everything gets dark and your friends are no where to be found

Word Collections

These are 3 to 5 word groupings to either inspire or to create a challenge of trying to fit all 3 to 5 words into your story.

  • Chilly, Impending, Hesitant
  • Leaves, Laughter, Distance
  • Harvest, Bonfire, Hollow, Silence
  • Darkness, Trees, Friends, Ending, Missing
  • Cat, Haunting, Wind, History

This year is definitely a different type of Halloween. And because of that I hope you all stay safe and find alternative ways to enjoy the spooky holiday. Let me know in the comments below if you used these prompts or even what you’re doing for Halloween. I would love even more ideas to make this Halloween just as fun as all those in the past.

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