Half-a-Milwordy Challenge

By the title you might think I’ve gone crazy. Either you understand what I’m talking about it or you don’t and you think I’m just babbling.

Kate Cavanaugh, one of my favorite authortubers, announced earlier this month that starting…well, tomorrow…she would be writing one million words in a year.

Crazy. I know. But also brilliant.

She challenged her followers to do the same. So I am…with some modifications.

I’m not counting my writing at work. I write for a living but I want these words to be going towards building my writing platform and ultimately turning words into novels. Because I gave myself that restriction, I’m going to cut my goal in half.

I want to focus on a few things in this next year of writing.

  • Make a book bible for three stories.
  • Outline three stories.
  • Continue to post every Monday.
  • Write the first draft of three stories.
  • Start my own book/author/writertube.

I’ve always had three approximate stories floating in my head and I think this will be a good year (and challenge) to get them down. I’ve stopped so many times. Changed them hundreds of times. Now I must push through, find out what works, and show you all.

I want to be a resource for fellow writers which means I must do more than write ad copy and half finished stories. I must flesh out my ideas and give feedback.

I’m already stressed by this idea but I hope I get the words out and the stories too.

Sign with writing and editing saying provided by hannah grace

Writing challenges have been hard for me lately. I didn’t win 85K in 90 days. I didn’t get my 25K in Camp NaNo and I haven’t won NaNo in years. But I still want to attempt this challenge. It’s a longer one where I can spend days catching up. I can also use plotting days and words that don’t go into a story as words that count. It’s words for this blog. It’s words for my outline or book bible. It’s everything (minus work). So I have more confidence with being able to get close to 500K.

And even if I don’t make it to the goal…that’s a lot of words.

If you want to join the challenge I recommend watching Kate Cavanaugh’s video. And let me know in the comments below if you’re taking on the challenge, or even modified versions like the one I’m doing.

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