Goodreads Catchup

I’m not proud to say I’m behind on literally everything this year. I started a second job. I started trying to stream. I honestly started too much. I told myself I’d get 70 books read this year! I am definitely not even close.

I’m like very behind. I didn’t even get my spooky reads in this year. I’m ashamed of that one the most.

But I’m not going to beat myself up too much. I still have a few weeks to get close to my goal. And I’m an avid audiobook listener, so I can almost read a book a day if I’m super committed.

Between commute, video work, and holiday travel, I should be able to get close. Or a lot closer.

The Real Goal

Just to read. The past few months I’ve been terrible at keeping up with it. Even if that means I read some more short stories, or pick up a graphic novel or two, I need to just read for my enjoyment.

Plus, I really still want to read all those spooky novels. And I would love to read and review some cute holiday books in December since the holidays have not felt real lately. The books might get me into the spirit.

Changing Up My Goals

First, I am also dropping my total to 60. It’s still going to be one hell of a challenge but with 7 weeks left, reading 3 books a week feels more reasonable than meeting that 70 book goal.

This post is definitely a short one…but it also was important for me to check in on myself. Reading is something that’s so important to me, but with how crazy life can be sometimes, it’s hard to fit it in. Reading makes me happy. I need to read more (especially with seasonal depression about to keep up residence until the spring).

Just like exercising and eating right, you might need a push to keep doing the things you love. Depression and anxiety are a terrible combo and can ruin all the things you love. So if you’re struggling now too, just know you’re not alone. And if you want to get more reading in…we’ll do this together.

Oh, and NaNo too but I’ve been so flexible with it this month it hasn’t added to my anxieties. It’s been pretty nice.

So today, I’ll listen to an audiobook while working on things. I’ll clean tonight with another audiobook. And I’ll settle in bed just a wee bit early and get absorbed into a fantastic story.

Let me know what your reading goals were this year in the comments below. Have you met them? Or are you behind like me? Is reading something you love or is it something you keep doing to help your writing? I can’t wait to hear from you.

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3 thoughts on “Goodreads Catchup

  1. Sarah Angleton says:

    I love setting a reading goal, but I find it very stressful to be behind toward the end. I keep my goal lower than I actually expect to achieve. I just hit it at the end of October and now just get to see how many I can get through by the end of the year. Good luck with your goal!

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