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Fantasy Writing Prompts

I know, I know. NaNoWriMo is next week. Why am I giving you prompts?

One: it’s in my schedule. I created a schedule of posts to write to help me not lose my marbles making up ideas every week.

Two: it’s totally Fantasy novel month! We gotta get into the spirit of it!

Three: I am still losing my marbles because I don’t know what I’m going to do for NaNo.

Guess that’s a next week problem.

But here are some writing prompts with a fantasy twist. Maybe they’ll be a great warm up for NaNo or better yet, help you flesh out an entire idea for the writing challenge.

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Use these scenarios as a jumping off point or a whole short story.

  • Fantasy college while trying not to use any Harry Potter related references
  • Dragons literally anywhere and everywhere
  • Fantasy twist to any job like working at a coffee shop or a hardware store (what would an ogre need from Lowe’s?)
  • Take your favorite fairytale and bump up the fantasy element by twelve or combine multiple fairytales into one story
  • A world built using dragons as workforce, etc but suddenly they are all gone.

Song Inspiration

I’ve only done this one other time instead of doing words. I think changing it up will help you be more creative and might give you songs you might want to listen to while writing for NaNo (see I’m not evil and just give you more ideas right before).

Use these as inspiration or just something nice to listen to while you write your next fantasy epic.

  • Dragon Age Inquisition Theme from DA:I Soundtrack
  • The Snoozemeister’s Lullaby from the Sims Medieval Soundtrack (don’t at me about this album it’s actually kinda good)
  • Forearmed is Forewarned from the Guild Wars 2 Season 4 Soundtrack
  • Solitude from the Skyrim Soundtrack (of course I had to grab one from here)
  • A Winter’s Tale from the Skyrim Soundtrack
  • Sophie’s Castle from Howl’s Moving Castle Soundtrack
  • One Summer Day from Spirited Away Soundtrack
  • Romantic Flight from How to Train Your Dragon Soundtrack

Alright. I probably could go all day with songs, but I’ll stop here. Let me know what you plan on doing for NaNo in the comments below…and if you use these prompts of course.

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