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Expanding My Horizons: Reading New Genres

2022 is going to be a good year for me (even if January has been rough). I want this year to be one where I learn and try new things. One of the ways for me to reach that goal is to read outside my usual genres.

I tried to read outside my usual genres last year. I am a fantasy/sci-fi nerd who randomly dipped into romance, but there are so many other genres out there. Apparently, there are 14 standard literary genres out there (who knew) and maybe up to 50 popular genres? There are so many genres out there and I tend to read only three? I have so many I need to read.

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Genres I Want to Jump Into

There are a few genres that I already love and some that I’ve started to dip into, but I have a whole list of genres I want to get into this year.

  • Mystery – I’ve read a few mysteries in the past, but it’s been hard for me to like mysteries because I’ve been pretty good at solving the mystery before it’s revealed. I’ll take on some of the most popular mysteries and read that…hopefully I’ll love it.
  • Horror/Thriller – I’ve just never been a horror or thriller type of person, but I have so many friends that love horror and thriller books. So I’ll read some of their favorites (and maybe a Stephen King novel?).
  • LGBTQ+ – Even though I’m a part of the rainbow crew (being bi/ace) but I just haven’t read that many books that have gay, lesbian, bi, or ace leads. Part of it being that there wasn’t a ton of those types of books when I was a kid. Now there are more and more out there so I plan to read more.
  • Memoirs/Biographies – I don’t read a lot of nonfiction, but there are so many great memoirs and biographies out there that I’ve been saving in my to be read.
  • True Crime – Listen. I watch a lot of YouTube videos on true crime so it makes sense for me to read more true crime novels…especially ones that are from the victims families.
  • Poetry – I don’t like poetry that much. At least I don’t read it much. I will definitely grab a collection or two this year.

I’ll still be reading my favorites. You can never stop me from grabbing a fantasy novel or three, but I want to expand my horizon when it comes to reading genres and find new favorite books.

If there are any books you love that fit these genres, let me know! I’d love to read them. Or comment which genres you tend to never read below. I’d love to hear that I’m not the only one out there that completely avoids genres unless school required me too!

Also let me know if you like me posting on Fridays instead of Tuesdays. I read that Tuesdays were a better day for engagement, but the beginning of the week is always so stressful and messy for me since I also work on the weekends. Somehow writing a post on a Thursday night is easier for me than on a Monday night (this also allows me to write more in advance). I hope you enjoy a post from me to start your weekends.

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