Do Not Be Alarmed

This is an unscheduled post to both thank you and warn you. I first want to thank you for continuously coming to my blog and helping me continue to push forward as a writer and a blogger.

Second, I want to say you might have noticed a few ads pop up on the blog. I’ve decided to try to help fund this venture with ad revenue so that way I can keep hosting this blog for years to come…and maybe buy a book or two.

I hope you understand this and won’t be too bothered by the ads that will pop up. The content will still be free. I might create something in the future for purchase, but all posts will forever be free.

If you’d like to donate to the blog, there is a kofi button on the taskbar…or you can click on the ads to help a sister out.

Thank you again for reading these writerly rambles and we’ll be back to your regularly scheduled program on Monday.

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