Camp NaNoWriMo Wrap-Up 2019

Hello stress, my name is Bee.

This month was crazy. I visited family. I realized my new job is harder than I first thought. I got overwhelmed. I read three books. I wrote 6 blog posts. I attended book club meetings. I reached out to friends. I joined a gym and couldn’t walk for a week.

And I wrote 20,000 words that were absolutely garbage. I can’t use any of it. Well, it feels like I can’t use any of it. I changed the main character completely. I changed the race. I changed her background. I changed her motivations. And everything I wrote for Camp NaNo is unusable.

But, I would never have gotten a better formed plot without it. I would never realized my character would be better if I changed things. I even gave the antagonist a better background.

And that’s the best thing about Camp or NaNoWriMo. You write out words that you might hate. You write out words you might love. But at least you’ll write.

Fortune cookie provided by Elena Koycheva.

So. I wrote 20,000 out of my 30,000 goal, I accidentally ignored my entire cabin (sorry guys), and I had a busy as all hell July. And that’s perfect. I have a better grounding for November when I tackle on the 50,000 words. I have a better chance of succeeding there (well I kinda succeeded this month).

We just keep moving forward.

Let me know how your month of July went, either with NaNo or with real life. I’m excited to hear from you!

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