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Burnout is Hard

I know it’s 2022. It’s only a few weeks into the new year and I’m already talking about burnout.

It’s kind of how the last two years have been. Article after article are out about how the pandemic has taken a toll on people’s mental health. I’m always plugged into ways to avoid burnout and always reading articles about it.

Yet, here I am. Tired. And I’m guessing a lot of you are as well. Whether you’ve taken on more work or completely stressed out, the 20s definitely aren’t roaring this time around. Screaming eternally into the void maybe.

So I wanted to talk about burnout before we jump into all our New Years Resolutions. It’s probably been harder to hit our goals lately and when we miss our goals…it hurts even more when you’re teetering on the edge of burnout.

Pushing Too Hard

Honestly, I’ve been burned out for months. I’ve had zero days to myself since October. No days off. No lazy Sundays. No staring into nothing until I reset. Just go, go, go.

You’ve probably recognized the same feeling. You’re tired but can’t sleep. You’re stressed about every little thing and feel like there’s no way up. Like I told my therapist: I know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, but damn does it feel really far away and my feet hurt.

Burnout is that feeling. Your feet hurt. Your eyes hurt. And you just want to go home.

Learning to Step Back

I took December off from this blog because I was overwhelmed. It was the first moment I realized I was doing too much. I was working two scheduled jobs. I was doing freelance work. I was still trying to write. I was still trying to blog. Hell, I picked up streaming as well like an idiot.

So I had to learn to cut back on some things. I needed to rest even if it was just for a few extra minutes a day. I had learned I wasn’t giving my all to this blog. I couldn’t think of topics. Or if I did think of a topic, I couldn’t think of how to put it down in a post.

I was damaging myself and this blog. I would rather take a few weeks off than keep pushing myself. I might end up taking December off every year from now on. I know I’d be breaking my goals of pushing for 52 blog posts in a year, but I’ve been ruining myself for goals that shouldn’t be my focus for this blog. Or my life for that matter.

Forgiving Yourself

Sometimes you just have to stop. Could you keep going? Probably. But your work will suffer; your joy will suffer; and you will suffer.

Take that rest. Don’t blame yourself for needing it. Maybe the year of 2022 will be that of self-care. You deserve it.

Let me know in the comments below your favorite self-care routine. I’m still sorting mine out…along with the seasonal depression. January is kind of the Monday of months isn’t it?

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