Book Review Policy

Currently Accepting Reviews

Hello! So you’re the dashing writer coming onto my page with a brand new book. I like the tenacity. How bold.

And more than likely I would love to review your book! I just have a few rules that need to be followed:

  • I accept hard copy, ebook, or audiobook. With an audiobook I request that I also get an ebook version for comparison, etc.
  • I don’t read books centered on religion.
    • Books with characters who are religious are very different. I love reading about other cultures and people, but a book that is strictly religious (aka would be put into a religious part of the book store) isn’t for me. I’m too cynical of a reviewer sometimes and don’t want to offend any religion.
  • I will not review non-fiction or horror books. These aren’t my cup of tea and you should probably find a different blogger to read them. I want you to get an honest review! Not one colored by preference in genre already.
  • One book for one review. I will not review an entire trilogy in one go or the second book in a series (I don’t think you’d want me reviewing a second novel without knowing anything about the first).
  • I will give you an honest review. If I don’t like the book, I will say so. That’s the nature of an honest review.
  • I will post a teaser of the book on my twitter account with image of the book and where others can get it before the blog post (time depending on deadline).
  • I will post my review as close to the publication date as possible (if it’s after publication date that I receive the book I will discuss details with you).
  • I will always inform my readers that I got the book to be reviewed within the post and within my teaser of the book.
  • Please give me a minimum of two weeks to read and review. Also remember I post exclusively on Tuesdays.
  • My book review format might change at any moment as this blog evolves with my skill and with my audience.
  • I might still turn your book down for any personal reason or if I don’t have time to post/read before your deadline.

I feel privileged to be considered to read your novel. Please drop me a contact at with the subject line “Book Review” if you would like me to review your novel. Please make sure to include the title, publisher and release date of the book. As well as a short summary and genre.

Do not send the book in the first email. We’ve got to get to know each other a little first. Don’t rush things!

Thank you so much!