Blog Changes and Updates

Last week, I posted about what I wanted to accomplish during the year. One thing not mentioned was what I wanted for this blog for the year.

That’s because I would like your input in where to go with this blog. I appreciate all my readers and would like to here what things you would like to see, what would make this blog better for you as a reader.

Woman typing on computer provided by Christin Hume

I do plan to do a few things:

  • Write longer, more impactful posts
  • Create better images for each post that can be used on pinterest and other social media posts
  • Increase social media presence
  • Write more themed posts

I also feel like it’s important to see the more human side of the blogger. I started this blog as a sort of experiment for myself. I wanted to write more, become a better writer, and work on my marketing skills. That’s why I never sent my friends and family to this blog and use a nickname that no one in my real life knows about.

But I think it’s hard sometimes not to write a bit more of one’s personal life when you are letting people know about your experience in writing. The two are sometimes intertwined. So I’ll probably include more personal posts where they fit. Especially if they effect this blog in any way.

I hope to always improve this blog in any way I can, but like I said, I really need to know your opinions and what you’d like to see. Be it topics, corrections, anything.

I want to thank you for a great year last year and hope to continue to grow into a blog you’re excited to read.

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