Beating that New Year Slump

I am currently eating Chinese food and staring at two lines in an outline. Just two lines. It’s been nearly a month into the new year and I cannot write for the life of me. The most I’ve written where these blog posts, and even then, part of me feels like I’m phoning them in.

Writing is hard. Writing after NaNo and after the holidays is even harder. I know I say it nearly every other post. If you’re a veteran writer, you know that my broken record tune is 100% true.

So how do we get out of these slumps. I’m going to give you some tips that might not work every time. Each slump is different. Be it the things that bring on the slump or the story you’re trying to write. This time it’s a combo of a new job, new year, and looking for a new house. My brain is going a thousand miles a minute just not anything towards actual words.

Blargh. But here are my top 5 tips to get out of a slump.

#1 Take a Walk

Be it a legitimate walk or just something to clear your head. It’s good to just step away for a bit. I tend to go watch an old movie that I love and end up also picking out why I love scenes. Or picking up a favorite author and just spending the afternoon in that world. Doctors always say rest is a great method for healing. This is the same context. (And sometimes it’s actually a nap itself that will make things better.)

#2 Change of Work Space

Leave the house. Leave your normal venue. Bring a pen and paper instead of your computer. Change up how you do your work. Sometimes the space is stale and making you feel bored or you spend so much time on your computer it stops being a place to create and more a place to pay your bills. I say go to the library and sit with a notebook and just write what comes to you.

#3 Be a Toddler

Children ask why. They ask it so much sometimes you get cornered into an I don’t know world. Imagine that with your story. If you’re stuck on plot or ideas, pretend that you’re explaining it to a toddler and every few minutes change up your problem by asking why. Why is that happening? Why is the next thing happening?

#4 Vent

Be it to a friend, your writing companions, your loved ones, a therapist or just a blank word document. Vent about your issues, the things that are troubling you about your writing. Always make sure who you’re venting to is emotionally available for it, but it’s always good to let it all out…just so you can let your ideas back in.

#5 Write Something Different

Sometimes you just have to move on from your idea and let your creativity flex with a new idea. If you’re set on your current story, I would say just write a small writing prompt. Just a few pages of a different idea. Sort of like a warm up to get your mind flowing creatively again.

So those are my top 5 ways to get out of that writing funk. I’m going to take on a few of these this week.

Let me know your favorite ways to get out of your writing funk. Or other issues you’re currently facing with writing. Maybe we can talk it out on here!

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