Be My Valentine, Book Boyfriend

Today is super special! For today is A Writer Bee’s very first guest post! Below is a post by a friend of mine Melissa, the creator and host of Paperback Romance Book Club. Enjoy!

Valentines Day is either a wonderful day or an annoyance. Okay so I know that there are a few in-betweens in there, but you either love/like, forget or despise February 14th.  Even if you’re in a good relationship there are those (myself included) that simply don’t care for the 14th, it’s not that I’m against love and all things that go with it, heck I have a Romance Book Podcast! I love romance and love, but I simply could care less about the holiday that celebrates it. What I do look forward to is a little tradition I started a few years ago, instead of spending the romantic time with my husband I spend the day (and the days before and after) curled up with my … Book Boyfriend! 

Every February 1st I reread Outlander and once again rediscover why Jamie Frasier is one of the most romantic, and in my opinion one of the best male protagonist written in the last thirty years! My husband hasn’t actually noticed that I do this, he does raise an eyebrow when I read yet another kilt wearing highlander Romance book, what can I say but I got a thing for a man in a kilt! While Outlander isn’t a “traditional” Romance [genre] book, it still makes my heart race, give me butterflies and simply makes me smile. Give me a cozy blanket, my book and maybe some chocolate and I couldn’t ask for a better Valentines Day! 

While “real” boyfriends (or whatever you have) are great, I mean they give you hugs, kisses, and everything else that goes with being in relationship, Book Boyfriends just give you that something else that a real relationship simply can’t give you. Hear me out. Book Boyfriends let you pick out what kind of guy you want, while in real life you may not actually meet anyone like that or in all truths you may not actually want to date. With the romance genre there is a book for everyone, anything you can think of, any setting, plots, character types, you name it the romance book world has it! 

Detail of original Scottish kilts, during Highlands games

Book Boyfriends lets us curl up and read a story over and over again, yes, we may know how it’s going to go, and hell how it’s going to end, but it’s the thrill of getting to that final page that’s exciting! We have no expectations, no hesitations, and simply nothing to lose except yourself when you find your Book Boyfriend and that is what makes it magical! We have nothing to lose except ourselves! It also opens the door into other categories or character types that we may have never known that existed, you may find yourself reading pride and prejudice one day and then that might actually lead you to western romance simply because the fact that the man has a lot of land, I know that seems like a long shot but it’s the book rollercoaster that makes it fun! 

So, whatever you decide to do this Valentines Day remember that there is a Book Boyfriend waiting for you between the pages of book! Like the real world, it may take a few tries to get to one that you simply can’t live without, but when you find the one, you’ll treasure what you find and what you experience for yourself! Just remember, if you are in a real relationship to clarify when you start gushing about the new guy in your life, because trust me it can get a little awkward!

Melissa Haskins is a Stay-At-Home Mom to twin boys, and another baby boy, and a patient wife. While being a mom and wife is a 24/7 job on its own, she is also the creator and host of the weekly podcast Paperback Romance Book Club: a Romance Book Podcast that not only reviews books but likes to point out how the ever-changing genre is still relevant in today’s topics. Melissa is also an unapologetic coffee addict, has a weakness for a man in a kilt, and is an avid taco lover. You can find Melissa on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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