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An Early Camp NaNo Tap Out

There’s still over 4 days left in July and I can’t lie. I didn’t even attempt to participate. I wanted to. I spent days trying to figure out a plot or to work on the workbooks I wanted to create. But July became something else for me.

I took part in alternative creative ways. I healed from injuries. And I just treated myself. July was a Self-Care month. And I’m quite happy with that.

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Things I’ve Done Instead of Write

  • Finished reading a book series

And I read even more books. I got caught up on my Goodreads challenge and even upped the number for the year!

  • Read some graphic novels I was looking forward to

Paper Girls and Umbrella Academy were the top two that I read (and completed the entire series). They were so good and I highly recommend them.

  • Started and progressed in Physical Therapy

My physical therapist is kicking my ass but I think I’m making progress. Some days I still hurt like crazy, but at the same time I am doing so much better than I was just a few months ago.

  • Spent time with my sister

She doesn’t live with me anymore and she’s always so busy. So I made sure to take some time to do things with her. We celebrated her cat’s birthday (very important) and went to a street fair where we bought far too many things.

  • Worked on freelance projects

I got in contact with a wonderful woman in need of a copywriter and boy has it been a blast. So I guess I did do some writing this July. It just doesn’t feel like the same kind of work. The writing was a breeze.

  • Played games with friends and created new stories with them

I mentioned GTA RP in the last post and let me tell you it’s taken over my life. Story telling to the extreme. It’s been great.

  • Digital creation

I’ve been creating art in different ways. I have created logos, and fan art, and just fun things not related to my writing.

So my July has been more focused on me than on my writing, and honestly I’m so happy it has been. I haven’t had the inspiration or energy to create anything digitally in a long time. I have also felt isolated from friends over the past year…even more than 2020. So all of the things I did in July were for my betterment.

And there’s always next month to write.

Let me know how your July has been in the comments below. Are you still trudging along with NaNo (if you are I’m so proud!) or did you just enjoy your summer for a bit. I would love to know.

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4 thoughts on “An Early Camp NaNo Tap Out

  1. smudgedthoughts says:

    Honestly, NaNo kicked my butt this year. XD Buuuuut I did end up writing 15,000 words of story, so I’m not too upset that I didn’t hit my goals!

    I’ve also been reading a ton this month!! I don’t know what it is about this month, but it’s just been SO. GOOD. for reading! I definitely need to read Umbrella Academy. I’m obsessed with the Netlix series, and I’m eager to start reading more graphic novels!!

    Despite not hitting your NaNo goals, it sounds like this month was seriously healing and SO needed! I, for one, am proud of all you’ve accomplished! Here’s hoping August is just as wonderful! 💛

    • awriterbee says:

      I’m so proud that you’ve written 15K! All words are good words when you’re drafting. And I definitely have been reading so much. Maybe 2021 is just my year of reading. I’m fine with that.

      • smudgedthoughts says:

        “All words are good words when you’re drafting” << okay, but I LOVE this. 10/10 will be keeping this in the forefront of my mind as I draft!!! Okay but I am SO fine with 2021 being the year of reading!!! After all, reading is essentially research into our craft, sooo… XD

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