5 Reasons to Read to Your Kids

I’ve always loved reading. Growing up, my father used to read to me until I fell asleep (and then he’d really get into the book and keep reading without me), and my love of books grew from there. I love writing because of my parents reading to me as a kid. My entire career and even this blog happened because of books and being read to as a kid.

This week is Children’s Authors and Illustrator Week and to celebrate I wanted to give a few reasons why it’s a fantastic idea to read to the children in your life.

Besides the obvious educational properties to reading to your kid, there’s a few other reasons that you should know about (and to note these are from my own experiences, nothing scientific…though I know there’s plenty of scientific reasons out there too).

Man reading to baby provided by Picsea

It’s perfect bonding time.

I feel closer to my parents because they spent time with me reading new books. My family got together to read Harry Potter and I’ll remember every evening we did this for the rest of my life. I talk to my dad about books he likes because he was the one that started my interests with reading to me.

It can build the imagination.

No one can deny books are gateways for the imagination. Being read to introduces you to using your imagination to bring these words to life. My family reading to me lead to many afternoon adventures of me creating my own worlds inspired by books.

It can help solve issues.

My mother got me a series of books that addressed various issues I might run into. When I was little, if something came up, we’d just sit together and read that book. Sometimes the book has a better way to handle the issue than we do. Parenting is a job most people are just thrown into, and books that address the topics in ways that kids understand are a lifesaver. I’ve kept those books myself for my future children.

It can spark new interests.

Books have thousands of topics. From dinosaurs, to space, from the wild west to ancient Egypt. Introducing these concepts early can open a child’s mind to new ways of learning. Imagine your little one ending up curing diseases because they read books about being doctors as a kid. Or another uncovering a new dinosaur because you read about them together right before bed. It’s wonderful and feels like the best thing that could ever come out of books.

Books are a wonderful gift and reading with your littles (be it your own, your neighbor, or a friend’s) is the gift that keeps on giving. Besides, not only is it good for the kiddos, it’s good for you: heart and soul.

And if it’s available in your region, sign your little ones up for the Dolly Parton Imagination Library! Get them reading young and they’ll be hooked their entire life.

Let me know in the comments below when you got hooked on reading and if you have little ones who like to read. I’d love to hear your stories.

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