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5 Least Favorite Romance Tropes

I’ve bored you with my favorite tropes, now we’re down to the real controversies…my least favorite romance tropes! A lot of these are just ones I wouldn’t pick up (excluding one that is actually one I hate), so if you love these don’t worry about it.

Accidental Pregnancy/Suddenly Parents

I was an accidental pregnancy, but both my parents were grown adults with stable jobs who loved each other. In stories, it doesn’t feel cute. It feels like you’re making two people stick together because of something that could have been prevented or it becomes a situation that feels like the fault of some innocent child. Not a fan to be honest.

Runaway Brides/Best Men

As much as the Runaway Bride movie was a great romcom (Julia Roberts and Richard Geer were just fabulous), I’m not a huge fan of the concept of getting all the way to a wedding and chickening out. Now don’t get me wrong, they can still win me over, but it’s usually something I shy away from.

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Love Triangle

Stop. Making. Love. Triangles. Start. Caring. About. Poly relationships. Using a love triangle as the main conflict in a story is my least favorite thing a lot of romances do. Please stop. Do better.

Forbidden Love

Forbidden love are usually star-crossed lovers. From race, religion, culture, or feuds, they are never meant to fall in love…and they often end tragically. When I read romance, I don’t want tragedy. I want love and happy endings. That’s why forbidden love ends up being one of my least favorites.


Full stop I will never like this. I forget that it’s an actual trope and I frequently forget there is a fanbase for this. Definitely not for me. No matter how much I’ll forgive the ones above this, incest is a hard no for me. I can never get behind it.

And those are my 5 least favorite! Let me know in the comments below your romance trope opinions. Agree with me? Or disagree thoroughly? I’d love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “5 Least Favorite Romance Tropes

  1. Alli the Book Giraffe says:

    I totally get how you hate the incest trope! I read a book recently that had that and I think it is one of my least favorite tropes and NEVER works. I actually read a book recently that had incest in it, and it just brought the book down for me, and I wasn’t loving it before that.

    On the opposite end, I LOVE love triangles. I don’t know what it is about regular romances, but they are never interesting enough with two people. A lot of the time, romance books only conflict will be miscommunication or something trivial, so love triangles makes the stakes higher for me!

    • awriterbee says:

      I can definitely see that! I suppose miscommunication and love triangles give me so much anxiety I get frustrated. Or I end up liking the person they don’t go for so I get bummed too often. Haha!

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