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5 Least Fantasy Tropes

Time to continue this month’s tropes with my least favorite fantasy tropes.

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Just to let everyone know, I don’t HATE these tropes. They just tend to be my least favorite and if you love these tropes then that’s great! Most tropes can be done well…these ones just tend to be done poorly to me.

Too Many Characters

I don’t like those stories with a hundred stories to follow. Sorry George. I want my character I get to relate to. If there are too many characters I just stop caring. There’s no time for me to get attached to any one of them. Most of the time their existence is to be there to die and it’s just sloppy writing.

Homogeneous Groups

I am also terrible at this. I tend to make that stereotypical British fantasy with elves being a specific race and humans another, etc. It’s racist and cheap and honestly bad writing. I’m trying to get better myself.

Made Up Languages

Listen this isn’t a terrible trope, it’s just terribly done so often. I used to do it all the time. I would make up languages and honestly it was kind of cringy. Mostly because people don’t put the time and energy into the language. Language is such a huge beast. It takes more thought than a lot of writers (especially first time writers) want to put into it.

Evil Just to Be Evil

As much as I love good vs evil, I want the evil characters to have reasons. There is a reason they’ve gotten to this point. There’s a reason they are doing all this and it should definitely not just be because they are just evil. This is why I love all those origin stories for even evil characters. It’s fun to see how they got to the point of hating the MC.

It Was All a Dream

The Wizard of Oz is great, but we need to stop doing the dream situation. It writes off everything and cheapens the story. I don’t know what else to say.

And those are my least fave tropes. Let me know in the comments below what tropes you dislike or if you disagree with me. I’d love to hear from you.

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    • awriterbee says:

      Huge casts have really gotten on my nerve as late. How am I supposed to remember everyone? And I always feel like the deaths aren’t as important because you never really get to know them.

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