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5 Favorite YA Tropes

After annoying you with my least favorite YA Tropes, here are my very controversial faves for YA. I need you to remember that these are strictly faves for young adult novels. There are a few on this list I would never like in adult fiction, and I’ll explain below.

So let’s get into it.

Love At First Sight

Okay hear me out! I know it’s a trope that so many people hate, and honestly in a lot of cases I hate it too, but I have to remind myself that the usual age group of the main characters are teens. Teens fall in love at first sight. Everything is dramatic and new and exciting for teens. They don’t stop and think the edgy bad boy is actually going to break their heart, they just think they’re hot.

Under any other circumstance I would hate love at first sight. Two grown, adjusted adults falling in love at first sight? No. It definitely didn’t happen to me and I wouldn’t be able to believe people who’ve matured would feel this way. But teens aren’t mature. And I love seeing them think the guy/gal/non-binary pal is the one and only.

Found Families

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I love this in all genres. I love this in Dungeons and Dragons. I am a sucker for found families. I’ve had a lot of weird familial trauma in my life, and I know that the people who are blood aren’t always the ones that are truly there for you. Seeing a group of people who might hate each other at first and slowly grow into this little family is just the best. It warms your heart in so many ways. I would recommend picking up a book with this trope any day. It’ll never be over used in my eyes.

The Chosen One

The Chosen One trope is a hard one, but one I still enjoy in Young Adult works. It is over done, for sure, but with Young Adult it has the same vibe as love at first sight for me. Teen novels have a level of drama that can’t be pulled off in adult fiction. It’s something that almost feels strictly teen.

Once again it’s a series of emotions, a character arc that sometimes needs a more aggressive push.

I also know this trope will always work best in fantasy or sci-fi. It’s the peak hero’s journey, and if done right, will be a fantastic read. I’ll always stick by this trope…no matter how bad it ends up being.

Mary Sues

I am a firm believer that Batman is a Mary Sue.

Mary Sues are a great trope. Why? Because YA can be a flight of fantasy. It’s the perfect person teens want to see themselves as. They want to feel powerful. A lot of teens don’t have any power. They go to school. They hate every part of school, and then they go home just to have more things they don’t like happen. Mary Sues are the power trip. And if done right, you can still teach a teen something about themselves. You can teach them how being perfect isn’t always an answer.

Also, Batman is a Mary Sue. I will die on that hill. Let kids have fun. Let kids feel powerful.

Enemies to Lovers

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This is something I didn’t know I loved. But enemies to lovers is something I love in almost every romance based situation. As long as the enemy isn’t basically a bigot, enemies to lovers is so fun. It’s a miscommunication being resolved situation and it’s so satisfying. But I’m also a sucker for romance. Don’t call me out!

And there are my five favorites for Young Adult novel tropes! I don’t always like these tropes for adult fiction, but YA? These are great. Let me know in the comments below what your favorite tropes are, or if you agree with any of these faves.

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  1. Stuart Danker says:

    I actually applied both The Chosen One and Enemies To Lovers in my first book. I guess I’m a sucker for tropes as well. Great list here. Thanks for sharing!

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