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5 Favorite Romance Tropes

Since it’s romance month, I’ve been thinking about my favorite and least favorite tropes. There are a few that I will always pick up and some I will always avoid. Below are a few of my favorite tropes (I have more in romance than I care to admit).

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Friends to Lovers

When two people realize that not only do they care about each other as friends, they care about each other as more than that, is just the best trope. It’s a story of people who truly understand each other. They’ve been there for each other the entire time and now they realize they love each other. It’s so good.

Fake Relationship

This shouldn’t be one of my favorites but it is. The fake date that turns into the best night of their lives. The fake relationship that turns too real. The conflict in stories like this is just between them both and once they realize they actually love each other it’s fantastic. I love every second of this.


This trope ends up in school stories, workplace stories, or event stories where two people who have playful banter and sassy comebacks realize they’re actually flirting with each other. Honestly being sassy is how I flirt with my boyfriend so it hits close to home. It’s always so cute.

Home for the Holidays

I love reading romance around the holidays and even all those Hallmark movies take me out starting in November. It’s a romance full of nostalgia and everything feels more magical. These romances tend to be a bit lighter and the conflicts smaller. So they’re a great read when you want to escape the dramas of real life and just fall into romance.

Second Chance Romance

In the real world, I hate second chance romances. I am a firm believer that there is a reason that two people aren’t together, and unless it’s resolved, they’ll break up again. But in the world of romance it feels so good. It’s two people who have already known each other intimately and are remembering how much they enjoyed each others company. Combined with other tropes like enemies to lovers (imagine them hating each other at the beginning of the story after a bitter break up full of misunderstandings). Romance is just so good.

Those are a few of my favorite tropes in romance. Let me know in the comments below what your favorites are…or even your least favorites (I’ll be talking about mine next week). I can’t wait to read about yours.

One thought on “5 Favorite Romance Tropes

  1. kat says:

    I don’t read much romance, but I am currently loving the second chance one! It probably wouldn’t work out at all in real life, but it just has such a sweet idea behind it. I also dislike romance typically because I have a hard time believing two people can fall so deeply in love in a matter of days, but, with a second chance romance, there’s history to be built up on so even though it wouldn’t actually work, it works out well in story format.

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