2021 New Year’s Resolutions

This year definitely feels different than last year. This time last year I was excited to write down my resolutions and think about my goals. I was preparing for a trip to Vegas. I had started a new job that I thought was going to be the best thing ever.

And oof. We got hit hard. I lost that job (which I’m kind of glad I did in hindsight as it was a bit toxic) and hurt my back (twice now!). I’m starting this year off in mild pain, worried about the future, and working from home.

I’m stressed. I’m tired, and making goals right now seems fruitless. But I realize that it’s good to have goals, even if they’re little ones.

I’ve never been that strict with a lot of my goals. I tend to split them into two types. If you’ve been around since this blog started you’d know about my concrete and vague goals. Ironically my vague goals tend to be successful more often than my concrete ones, mostly because any momentum towards those goals is a win. Eat healthier? Even if it’s just eating less desserts? Perfect, you did it. I find having vague goals help me feel less bad when I don’t hit the concrete ones because they’re subjective.

So let’s get into it. Even though I’m sitting on an ice pack feeling sorry for myself doesn’t mean I can’t start figuring out what I want to accomplish this year.

Now on to 2021’s New Year’s Resolutions.

Twenty Twenty on notebook cover provided by Anne Nygård

Concrete Goals

Once again we’ll break down my resolutions into their different parts. Let’s start with concrete goals. These are ones that have quantifying numbers and can be gauged by that number at the end of the year.

  • Post every Tuesday on this blog (slightly different than years past but Tuesdays seem to be a better posting day with my new job and other life interruptions)
  • Create a Facebook for this blog (finish this…and start posting tbh)
  • Promote this blog on all my social media
  • Collab with people on this blog and other platforms (I loved doing this before!!)
  • Finish my first draft of my marketing course
  • Finish first draft of a novel
  • Participate in milwordy (okay I’m only doing half in a year but still)
  • Pay off half my credit card bills (I still have a long way to go but fingers crossed I can do it)
  • Double my savings.

There are repeats in this list, mostly because I never finished them (and in the rare case it’s that I want to keep doing it). It’s okay to fail and not get every goal every year (I’ve failed a hundred times just with doing things with this blog!), just keep pushing forward.

Vague Goals

These goals tend to be ones that will constantly be in my life. They are ones where you don’t have a way to quantify them. It’s more I wanted to be better at the end of the year than I was at the beginning. I wouldn’t recommend these as main goals because of how vague they are. You start to focus too much on if you did enough growth than if you did any at all.

  • Stay organized
  • Eat healthier
  • Eat less desserts
  • Exercise more (as soon as I’ve healed up a bit)
  • Save more money

Once again. These aren’t inherently bad, but if you want them as your main goal I’d define them. I will probably set up mini goals throughout the year that will help me achieve both my vague and concrete goals more easily.

Like no dessert January (okay I already failed that but maybe February), and setting up days where I can make up on my word count so I can get somewhere close to 500K words this year.

This is the first thing I’ve written all year so you can tell it’s going great already.

So what are your resolutions this year? Do you have any big ones? Or lots of small ones? How do you tackle your resolutions? Let me know in the comments below.

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