2020: A Year in Review

First I would like to apologize for this late post. I didn’t mean to lose track of time, but the holiday season just messed me all up. I will be back on a regular schedule starting next week. This one is just super late (sorry).

A lot has happened this year. A lot.

Not just for me but for everyone around the world. This past year was full of tons of bad, horrible things, and a few good. Like for me…it was weird.

I started a new job, hated it, went to Vegas, Covid hit, and then I lost my job….and that was all before June.

The second half has been better, but I don’t know if I’ve hit a lot of my goals. I think that’s okay. I think 2020 was one where you count your blessings and just ignore the burning trash fire behind you. So let’s go through my goals.

As usual, I set concrete and more vague goals. All attainable but in different ways. You can check out that post here.

Checking In on My Concrete Goals

Let’s break it down goal by goal:

  • Make a new post every Monday this year
    • I was good at this at the beginning of the year, but as time has gone on I’ve learned that Mondays are hard for me. My life has changed a bit since I started this blog. I think Tuesdays might be a better time for me. I’ll probably try to stick to 11:30 CST because then you all can read during lunch (this post itself is not a reflection of the time since it’s so late), but I think Tuesdays will be my new time.
  • Create a Facebook for this blog
    • Nope. I have yet to do this. I started rebranding this blog in the middle of the year and just never moved on to creating more social accounts. I’ll add this to my 2021 goals.
  • Promote my blog on social media
    • I’ve been constant with posting on Twitter, but I want to post more than just about this blog. I didn’t do that, but hopefully will next year.
  • Collab with people on this blog and other platforms
    • I started doing just that! And I want to thank those who were guest blogs on here. I hope to do more next year.
  • Complete a first draft of a novel
    • Let’s not talk about his one. I wasn’t anywhere close to doing that.
  • Start up photography again
    • Covid kind of shot that one down and honestly I don’t know if I’ll want to do this in 2021. I have other plans so this will go on the back burner for now.
  • Pay off my credit card bills
    • Nope. I honestly just feel lucky that I didn’t end up making my credit card bills worse during my layoff.
  • Double my savings
    • I didn’t double it but I have successfully kept it the same…and haven’t had to dip into it at all. Even with a trip, a layoff, and me hurting myself in the middle of the summer. So honestly I count that as a win.

Checking In on My Vague Goals

These goals weren’t ones that had a definitive goal. They were just overall “get better” goals.

  • Stay organized
    • I’m doing pretty good at that. I need to work on my digital organization and helping my parents clean out what’s left of my belongings at their place.
  • Eat healthier
    • This is another one of those…ignore this until next year sort of things. Pandemics don’t lead to great food selections.
  • Exercise more
    • So I didn’t really reach this goal until the end of this year. Partially because of pandemic and partially because gyms and trainers are expensive. But I found a gym where they have a ton of group classes (that are small and social distanced) that I’ve been participating in. Trying to get it up to 4 times a week but right now 2-3 is the current trend. I even work out on Saturdays. I know…crazy.
  • Save more money
    • Still a slow process, but I’m chipping away at bills and slowly adding money to my savings. This year we’ll move apartments and I’ll turn my car lease over to a loan, so some money will go out. Hopefully I’ll keep on saving.

Overall, I’m pretty proud of myself. Even with the pandemic. A lot of my concrete goals didn’t pan out but I’m surprised at how many of my vague goals I was able to tackle. I honestly thought exercise was going to be the bane of of my existence but since I found a place I love and a lot of positive people it’s been fun. My back is still weak and I end up at the chiropractor a lot but I’m getting there.

In just a few days, 2021 will grace us. I think, no matter what, it’ll be a better year. As long as we think as positively as we can.

I am ready to leave 2020 behind and am excited to talk to you again in the new year.

2021 Sparklers provided by Moritz Knöringer

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