2019: A Year in Review

The time has come to look back on the year. It’s been a long one for me. The first half of the year definitely feels like a whole different time.

A lot of things happened this year. I started this blog, celebrated a year with my love, changed jobs, and moved over 200 miles from home for the first time.

I failed a half dozen challenges. I read less books than I wanted but far more out of my comfort zone. I pushed and failed. I pushed and succeeded.

This year, though full of random personal setbacks, was a fantastic year.

First let’s look at my goals from the beginning of the year. I set concrete and more vague goals. All attainable but in different ways. You can check out that post here.

Checking In on My Concrete Goals

Let’s break it down goal by goal:

  • Make a new post every Monday this year
    • I mostly succeeded in this. I only missed posted by a little bit once because I forgot to schedule it. I still made a post every week for the entire year and I plan to do that again in 2020. I’m excited to say this goal was a win!
  • Promote my blog on social media when I post
    • I currently only have twitter for social media and posted there every time I made a post. WordPress made that easy. But I hope to create more social media accounts like facebook to continue to promote this blog.
  • Participate in 85K in 90 Days
    • Participate is a strong word. I did try but ended up not writing anywhere near 85K words. Maybe next year.
  • Participate in Camp NaNo
    • This is where it starts to repeat itself. I did participate but I didn’t win.
  • Participate in NaNoWriMo
    • Same for this challenge. A bit of a broken record. Next year I should focus on participating in one of these challenges and make it my goal to actually win one.
  • Find a new job
    • I did just that! Right after celebrating a year with my love I was offered a job that was so much closer to him. And just this month I was offered an even better opportunity. I will be starting that new position come January.
  • Start taking photographs again
    • Didn’t do this one at all. I’ll have to make it a goal for next year.
  • Pay off my credit card bills
    • Moving ultimately made me add more to my credit cards so I shifted my goal to stop using my credit cards as much as I could. I did pretty well 5 of the 6 months of that challenge. I need to start buying Christmas gifts in July because that’s what did me in this last month.
  • Double my saving
    • Didn’t double my savings but made a new vacation savings account for a trip in 2020. This way I can still have fun going on a trip but not end up dipping into what I already have. Baby steps.

Checking In on My Vague Goals

These goals weren’t ones that had a definitive goal. They were just overall “get better” goals.

  • Get more organized
    • I would say I’m a bit more organized. I’m juggling this blog, a side hustle, and my current job while keeping my house and my car pretty clean. Much better than I was last year.
  • Eat healthier
    • I still eat a lot of sweets which is my weakness, but I’m more conscious about what I put in my body. I plan to keep trying into next year. I also started going to the gym and got a trainer which wasn’t part of any goal but I think it’s important to note.
  • Eat out less
    • I eat out a whole lot less. Now it’s only when I go out with my love and usually that’s just on the weekends and not every weekend. Going to keep up that pressure in the new year.
  • Save more money
    • Slowly but surely I am saving more. At least I’m spending less of what I don’t have which in the end means I’ll save more.
  • Expand my portfolio
    • I’ve done this a little bit but I hope to do more come spring when I can pick up photography again without being taken out in a snow storm.

Overall, I’m pretty proud of myself. Breaking down my goals like this made me realize that I am getting better…even if only by a little bit.

Next year will be even better because I’m putting the effort in for it to be better. Even if it’s just but tiny baby steps.

I hope you can look back on your year and see where you’ve grown and areas that you can continue to work on (and know it’s in your realm of getting better). I look forward to another year with you. Happy New Year. See you in 2020.

2020 Sparklers provided by Jude Beck

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