I Declare a Word War

If you've been following my blog for a bit, you'll have noticed I've mentioned Word Wars a fair few times. I find them to be a fantastic way to bolster the average amount of words written and it's a great way to break out of writer's block. But What is a Word War? A Word … Continue reading I Declare a Word War


Preptober #3: “Write” Way to Talk (Perfecting Dialogue)

The third week of October is upon us and I have another preptober prompt and discussion. This week we'll be talking about dialogue. I've only read one or two novels were dialogue wasn't important, so I'll say that focusing on how your characters talk is not only important but crucial to making your story flow. … Continue reading Preptober #3: “Write” Way to Talk (Perfecting Dialogue)

Preptober #2: Character Creation Isn’t Scary Just Time Consuming

Last week, I gave you a lazy outline, and in that I talked about listing out and creating your characters first before diving in to write. Now, let me talk about the character creation. When I get to writing down my characters, I've already spent a long time mentally creating them. I've spent a long … Continue reading Preptober #2: Character Creation Isn’t Scary Just Time Consuming